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In Partnership with the YWCA FITE-First Institute for Training & Education FITE is a community that provides value in education, training and mentoring Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Nelson Mandela
Education is a Right & Knowledge is Power
MEET NEW FRIENDS AND STUDY WITH EXPERTS Student can learn from others through our modules, team building activities, and engage with other cultures with our educational exchange programs.




FITE, First Institute for Training and Education in partnership with the YWCA.
FITE Jordan is an educational institute that offers courses, vocational training, and local experiences to high school students, the youth and the adult community, and foreign visitors. FITE, with its status of diversity, offers a portfolio of enriching educational services and life experiences through different universities & training Institutes. Our programs and vocational training including but not limited to English as a second language, Business Leadership, Public Speaking, Human Rights Protection, Education, Conflict Resolution, Arabic for non-Arabic Speakers, and much more. FITE offers the best value and enriching experiences with our courses, vocational training, and skill development.


Extending Vision beyond the classroom by making sure the skills and concepts taught in the classroom are authentically useful in the world beyond school and an educational institute. We model our philosophy of that the YWCA: respect, responsibility, honesty and caring plus we add excellence in learning, collaboration with partners, and a focus on student’s needs.


The training explores new approaches to prepare students with the skills and their needs required for innovation and to support evolving innovation and continuous improvement and development in the education systems. Our emphasis is on vocational training and soft skills to prepare them for the workforce.


Our mission is to provide a community that motivates individuals with course that are relevant and enriching in an environment that welcomes diversity and inclusion while empowering our youth with opportunities and relationships from our respected partners, international mentors, and experienced educators.